Meet the ADW Team! We’re neighbors bonded by a great affection for pet care, friendship, and the city of Winston-Salem. We would love the chance to get to you know and your pet!  You can start getting to know us here, through a brief introduction to each of our stellar service providers.

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Michelle Kline - Owner

Michelle started Ardmore Dog Walking & Pet Services in August of 2017 as a way to meet a need she saw in her own family: reliable pet care that felt as trustworthy as family. Michelle and her husband, Evan, live in Ardmore with their two fur-children, Winston (a four-year-old German Shepherd) and Whitaker (a three-year-old Alaskan Malamute)! In their free time you can usually find them walking to Stella Brew, playing board games with friends, or dreaming up new business ideas over good food and wine.

Michelle also maintains a daily writing blog that you can read here, sharing stories and inspiration on business, social impact, entrepreneurism, and social enterprise.

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Matt Ahrenholz - Manager & Service Provider

Matt joined the ADW team in June of 2018, and he definitely hit the ground running. Matt works with a wide variety of clients. He’s always quick to jump in whenever needs arise, including last-minute let-outs (yes, you can contact us for that!).  From weeklong overnight sitting to multiple daily walks and let-outs, Matt has done a little (no, a lot) of everything! Out of all of the walkers, Matt is the only one who can boast that one time he set Michelle and Evan up to vacation with his parents in Chicago. (Another story for another time, but it was a blast). In his free time, you’ll find Matt reading, organizing Avalon game nights, or hanging out with friends.

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Megan Todd - Service Provider

Megan and Michelle actually met way back in 2013, when Michelle was commuting to Winston Salem for work from Greensboro. Becoming fast friends, they stayed in touch until spring of 2019, when Michelle remarked to Megan, “Just so you know… you’d be great at this.” (Meaning working for the ADW team, of course.) Megan quickly replied, “Sounds good to me!” and the rest is history. Megan takes amazing care of our clients, and has been known as Queen of the Couch Snuggles for many a housesitting gig. When she isn’t dog walking, you can find Megan training for a half marathon, hanging out with her friends, or snuggling her roommates dog, Pajamas. (We told you it was a perfect fit).

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Kelsey Millett - Service Provider

Kelsey came to our team through her friendship with Megan, rocked her interview, and immediately started the next week. “I have a hairless cat” may or may not have been the budding comment that started us down this journey of her on the ADW team. Kelsey is no longer rocking the purple hair (we were lucky enough to have that included in her headshot for our team… isn’t it amazing!?) but she is still one of the coolest gals we know. Kelsey has somehow ended up working with almost exclusively puppies since joining our team (we are all jealous) but she also loves working with older clients, cats, hairless cats, and whatever else you throw her way! In her free time you can find her making wigs (her speciality in her final year at School of the Arts), hanging out with her friends, and snuggling the before mentioned Casper, the hairless cat.

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Graham Hyder - Service Provider

Graham came to our team through the recommendation of a long time friend of Michelle’s (are you sensing a theme?) and immediately felt like a natural fit. She loves working with all kinds of clients - from older dogs to puppies to giant “monsters,” Graham loves them all and they all love her! Our clients love Graham’s updates and her obvious care for each and every client she comes across. In her free time, you’ll find Graham traveling with her husband (they’re on a big international kick right now - a casual trip to Ireland was recently planned), enjoying the Foothill’s Tasting Room, and snuggling her own dog, Maybelline.

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Tess Sullivan - Service Provider

Several months ago, an email landed in Michelle’s inbox from Tess where she shared that her dream job is working with animals and that she felt she would be a great fit to the team. While we weren’t hiring right at that moment, it became pretty clear that the next time we were Tess was going to be the perfect fit. And we were not wrong! Our clients love her apparent love for their pets and her dog specific skillset, as Tess is a certified trainer and owns her own dog training business. In addition to having Tess on our team as a dog walker extraordinaire and pet care provider, we are thrilled to have such an amazing recommendation to make to our clients when they have training needs come up with their pets.

Need training for your pup? We would love to refer you over to Tess!