Does your team provide services outside of Ardmore?

We are focused on growing in Ardmore, West Salem, West End, Buena Vista and Downtown Winston-Salem. We are occasionally able to take work outside of these areas. Our prices differ slightly depending on your location relative to these neighborhoods (we consider Ardmore our “home base” and cover a 3.5 mile radius outside of it in our standard pricing). We’ll calculate prices based on your proximity to us if you are further than 3.5 miles from our home base.

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Do you provide care for pets other than dogs?

Absolutely! Our team has experience working with dogs, cats, guinea pigs, horses, goats, chickens, and bunnies. We also worked with a peacock, proving we are always down for a new adventure - so don’t discount your lizards or ferrets.

Can I text you with last-minute requests if something comes up?

Absolutely! Our motto is: If we can, we will.

Our only caveat:: You must have done a Meet & Greet with our team prior to the appointment, and a team member who has previously met your pet must be available for the let-out.

Going into a season where you know you may have last-minute requests come up? Go ahead and schedule a Meet & Greet. It's free; you aren't required to commit to any appointments; and if you have a last-minute emergency, we’ll be able to help!

Do you pet sit overnight? Can I board my dog with one of your team members?

Right now, we provide drop-in sitting in your home (a team member comes in as often as needed for walks, let-outs, feedings, snuggles) and overnight house sitting (a team member actually stays overnight in your home). Our preference (with the exception of very young puppies) is to keep your pet in the environment that is most familiar and comfortable to them — your home!

Is your team able to administer my dog’s medications?

Everyone on the ADW team has experience administering medications to our furry clients. We will ask you to pre-measure and sort medications prior to leaving, so that we can have absolute confidence your pet is receiving the care they need while you’re gone. We will also ask to go over the medications at the Meet & Greet and to leave written instructions out for us during appointments. If the medication changes prior to our appointment with you, we may ask for a second Meet & Greet. If there’s something you need that is outside of our ability, we will discuss it with you at that time.

Is Ardmore Dog Walking & Pet Services insured?

ADW is bonded and insured in the event that a major incident were to occur.

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