Tips for Rainy Day Entertainment

As I write this, Hurricane Flo is making her way through Winston Salem. (Is #flonomo a trending hashtag yet? It should be. Feel free to start it). Thankfully here in Winston, most of us were able to stay put through the heavy rain and winds. While I’m super thankful we didn’t have to evacuate like much of the state of North Carolina, I have two fur children who do not seem to see that silver lining. Here are a few tips and tricks for anybody else struggling to keep their hyper fur-children at peace through the rainy days.

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Honest Reflections on Business, Hiring, and Self Care

If you have been following the Ardmore Dog Walking & Pet Services team, you’ll have noticed we have been through some significant changes over the past six months. I started this journey as a one-woman team, equipped with the wide-eyed innocence of never having run my own business and a love for snuggling all the fur babies. (I repeat, all.of.them.) I didn’t intend to hire employees or to grow when I first started this adventure. I was simply fueled by a love of pet care and (tbh) the allure of a flexible work life.

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Tips and Tricks to Save Money On Your Dog

I’m sure this has never happened to you guys, but just imagine with me. Pay day is still about 4 days away, but you’re feeling pretty good about how the past two weeks went. You stayed on budget for groceries, you still have about a third of a tank to get you through until Friday… but wait… oh yeah. You forgot you needed to buy dog food. And you really should pick up some more dog shampoo while you’re there. And Fido’s collar is basically falling apart, and he lost his name tag last week so you should really get that replaced…You get the picture.

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3 Goals for the Upcoming Year for Your Dog

When August rolls around, something in me just switches to goal setting mode. I probably have a low-level problem. My husband will find half-scribbled to-do lists scattered around our home with vague commands to check other lists previously written and complete said items on said other lists. Then said husband will laugh at said list discoveries, and said problem will be exposed.


I thought I’d share three goals I have for my dogs (and myself, as a dog owner) for this school year.

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Top Dog-Friendly Places In Winston Salem

I don’t know about you, but by the time I am done at the end of the day, I usually have two things on my mind: I want to spend time with my people, and I don’t want to put my dogs back in the crate. Winston and Whitaker love their crates and usually spend the day hanging out next to each other while my husband and I both work (with a couple potty breaks throughout the day, of course), but by the time we get home they are ready for equal parts play and cuddle. Thankfully, Winston Salem is a pretty dog friendly place, and I have loved finding places where we can hang out with our people and bring our furry friends! Here are a few places that we frequent in WS where we usually bring Winston and/or Whitaker along

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